A Comprehensive Guide To Electric Vehicle Managed Charging

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a non-profit organization that envisions a carbon-free energy system that is safe, affordable, reliable, resilient and equitable. Their mission is to accelerate the electric power industry’s transformation to a modern energy future through education, research, standards, and collaboration. They provide many educational resources, including “A comprehensive Guide to Electric Vehicle Managed Charging”.   

This guide provides readers with a complete understanding of managed charging, its potential benefits, the current industry state, utility program requirements, and more. Among other things, the report features:

  • Glossary of terms, including active vs. managed charging and vehicle-grid integration
  • The value of managed charging and opportunities to scale the technology
  • Benefits and opportunities for managed charging
  • A proposed Vehicle-Grid Integration Valuation Framework
    Market opportunity for managed charging
  • Three utility-run managed charging case studies
  • Complete list of managed charging messaging protocols and standards to enable vehicle-grid integration
  • Alternatives to managing vehicle load control
  • Managed charging technology and vendors, including network service providers, EV charging equipment manufacturers, and automotive original equipment manufacturers

The great news is, this report free! If you don’t have time to read through the entire report, there is an option to download a two-page summary as well as a slide deck presentation summarizing and highlights key points. 

For more information, and to request your free copy of the document visit

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