A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Vehicle Managed Charging

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a non-profit organization that focuses on transitioning to carbon free electric system. They provide many educational resources, including an in-depth report on electric vehicle managed charging.  

Managed charging involves communication signals between a utility and a charger or vehicle. Through this communication, the charging rate changes directly with time-varying demand loads. This system puts less stress on the electric grid in periods of high demand, and has the potential to save a significant amount of electricity and money. 

“A Comprehensive Drive to Electric Vehicle Managed Charging”, which came out this summer, provides readers with a complete understanding of managed charging, its potential benefits, the current industry state, utility program requirements, and more. Among other things, the report features:

  • Glossary of terms, including active vs. managed charging and vehicle-grid integration
  • The value of managed charging and opportunities to scale the technology
  • Benefits and opportunities for managed charging
  • A proposed Vehicle-Grid Integration Valuation Framework
    Market opportunity for managed charging
  • Three utility-run managed charging case studies
  • Complete list of managed charging messaging protocols and standards to enable vehicle-grid integration
  • Alternatives to managing vehicle load control
  • Managed charging technology and vendors, including network service providers, EV charging equipment manufacturers, and automotive original equipment manufacturers

The report features never-before-published data, and it is free! If you don’t have time to read through the entire report, they also have a two-page summary and a presentation highlighting key points. 

Find out more information, and request your free copy of the document here.

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