DOE Launches Revamped Co-Optima Website


The Department of Energy’s Co-Optimization of fuels and engines (Co-Optima) website features revamped and expanded content on the latest innovations in fuel and engine performance and efficiency.

New features of the website include:

  • Updated information about light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle research
  • Links to helpful online tools and data
  • A publications database

The Co-Optima initiative is a collaboration of DOE’s Bioenergy Technologies and Vehicle Technologies Offices, 9 National laboratories, 13 universities, and numerous industry and governmental stakeholders. The unified group focuses on how fuel and engine innovations can boost fuel economy and vehicle performance while also reducing emissions. They view fuels not as standalone elements in the transportation system, but as dynamic design variables that can work with modern engines to optimize and revolutionize the entire on-road fleet, from light-duty passenger cars to heavy-duty freight trucks.

You can learn more on their website here.



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