EV drivers finding problems with charging, 1 in 5 drivers are switching back to gasoline.


Clipper Creek two-car HCS-D40 charging station

In a recent study conducted by The University of California – Davis, two researchers found that about 1 in 5 drivers who have made the switch to EVs are converting back to traditional gasoline. However, EV owners who opted for at-home Level 2 wall chargers were found to have a much higher rate of satisfaction. 

Researchers, Scott Hardman and Gil Tal discovered that although owners may be satisfied with the lower ownership costs associated with their EV, consumers are still deciding to discontinue their EV ownership due to range or charging issues. The EVs that are being abandoned generally have the lowest battery mileage, making them much less useful and requiring frequent charging. Hardman and Tal also found the highest rate of discontinuance was among owners from Fiat, Toyota, and Ford, at 36.9%, 24.9%, and 23.9%, respectively, while Tesla and Chevrolet (GM)—two of the highest-selling brands from this period with longer-range EVs—had the lowest rate of abandonment, at 11.0% and 14.2%, respectively.

To see more observed trends in converting back to combustion engines, check out Hardman and Tal’s paper at Nature Energy.


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