The Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition, through its staff and Board of Directors, hope all of our stakeholders and families are doing well in this New Year and during the continuing COVID crisis.

Despite this massive disruption to our lives, CFLCCC continues to demonstrate its leadership in transportation planning for alternatively fueled vehicles and infrastructure, with projects like the state’s Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFC) designation, and the Florida EV Roadmap (FEVR).

We are also members of:

  • Member - Florida Advisory Council on Climate & Energy
  • Vice-Chair - Drive Electric Florida
  • Team Member – FDOT EV Master Plan Consultation Team
  • Panelist – National Science Foundation (NSF) & Transportation Research Board (TRB)
  • Florida ACES Transportation Roadmap Stakeholder - USF/CUTR
  • Manager - EV Track, Florida Automated Vehicles Summit

CFLCCC in the News
The release of the Florida Electric Vehicle Roadmap has generated great visibility for our Coalition, below are links to media reports that CFLCCC contributed to.

CFLCCC Annual Membership Program
Our Coalition has operated independently of any public support over the years, however federal funding for the program has remained stagnant as our operational region became Ground Zero for one of the designated 11 Mega-Regions in the U.S. CFLCCC’s region covers 10 of the fastest growing counties in the country, and we are in the process of adding the City of Ocala and Marion County to our coalition region!

We’d like to introduce you to our new Membership Program, an opportunity for you to support efforts and projects that are important to you and your community. We will also use part of your support to provide annual academic Clean Transportation Scholarships in Central Florida!

Throughout its 20+ years, the Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition (CFLCCC) has managed its clean fuel mission through minor operations funding allocated by the Vehicle Technology Office of the U.S. Department Energy. CFLCCC also performs activities, such as technical webinars, that also provide a small source of income. We provide contract technical services, such as the Florida EV Roadmap for the Florida Office of Energy. Please navigated to see the list of CFLCCC’s near-term major initiatives on our website. Unfortunately, our funding hasn’t been able to more fully address the needs of this U.S. DOT “Mega-Region.”

You can support the good work CFLCCC does here in Central Florida with memberships that begin at $25 for students and friends. Membership rewards range from the notification of grant opportunities, to a full day of dedicated technical and grant support.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like additional information, please email me to arrange a time to talk.

Best Regards,
Doug Kettles, Director
Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition

Central Florida Clean Cities Green Transportation Educational Scholarship

An ongoing need of many of CFLCCC stakeholders is for trained technicians and professionals to staff their operations. CFLCCC plans to support our stakeholder needs by providing two annual scholarships for graduating high school seniors in our designated region. One will support students attending trade schools, and one will be for students pursing undergraduate degrees.

The scholarships will be awarded at the end of the 2021 high school year. The amount awarded will be determined by how successful our membership program becomes. Our goal is $1000 for each scholarship. Help a student out, join as a member!

CFLCCC Annual Meeting

Per our bylaws, we held our annual board meeting in early December, this year’s meeting was virtual. Our Board of Directors (BOD) conduct quarterly business conference calls in addition to the annual meeting. The quarterly calls primarily address ongoing business. The annual meeting typically reviews our past year’s activity, including contract deliverables, special initiatives, financials, and the goals for the coming year.


Florida EV Roadmap(s)

CFLCCC has completed our work on the Florida EV Roadmap for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Community Service’s Office of Energy (FDACS OOE) to develop a plan to support and encourage the use of clean electric transportation in Florida. Our efforts address the needs and infrastructure for light-duty EVs, typically passenger vehicle and light-duty trucks. The report can be found at https://www.fdacs.gov/Energy/Florida-Electric-Vehicle-Roadmap.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is the lead agency for the Master Plan (aka, SB7018) for electric transportation in Florida. They are working with the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) and FDACS OOE (Florida Office of Energy). The primary differences between the two initiatives is that the Roadmap only addresses light-duty vehicles and infrastructure and the Master Plan addresses all classes of EVs, as well as regulatory and policy issues.


David Dunn, Immediate Past Chair…Thanks!!!

David has been a longtime board member of CFLCCC and also is our immediate past Chairman. David is highly respected in the fleet community. David has helped more times than can be counted and has contributed in elevating and securing our coalition’s reputation as a leadership coalition. David will be unwinding his many years of service to the City of Orlando, hoping to slide into retirement and consulting over the next few years.



Harland Chadbourne is our new Chair… Thanks!

Harland has been a longtime CFLCCC friend, board member, and alternative fuel advocate. Harland is Director of Purchasing for Waste Pro USA and lives in the North Orlando area. He has extensive experience in the alternative fuel industry and purchasing. Thanks Harland for taking on the commitment, it’s gonna be fun! A complete board member list is below. Many thanks to them for their continued assistance

  • Harland Chadbourne, WastePro – Chair
  • Horacio Cervantes, Peoples Gas – Vice-Chair
  • Helda Rodriguez, Nova Charge – Board
  • Lyn, Cacella, Florida Public Utilities – Board
  • Brian Carroll, Port Canaveral – Board
  • Jill Dvareckas, FPL – Board
  • Eva Reyes, OUC – Board
  • Joseph Hinely, City of Orlando – Treasurer
  • Doug Kettles, CFLCCC – Secretary

Kaitlin Has left
the building!

Kaitlin Reed was our a Project Manager, she started working with the coalition in the fall 2017 as an intern, and assisted in project management, web development, technical data collection, event planning, and various other activities. Last December she received her double major degree in Civil Engineering and Sustainability from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne.

Kaitlin was responsible for building and maintaining our website, along with lots of other supporting work, like our quarterly Alternative Fuel Price Report. She is also the mastermind behind our analytics and reporting for our EV Roadmap.

But now she has gone home to Connecticut, and we don’t blame her, she’s been away for a while. She expects to receive her engineering certification soon. Best wishes Kaitlin…THANKS!



Enter Madeline!

Madeline Phelan is our new Program Assistant, she has been a student for several years at the Florida Institute of Technology and expects to graduate with her Masters in Environmental Resource Management in December. Madeline is from Maryland and has experience in research and website development and maintenance, skills that we are always in need of… welcome Madeline!


CFLCCC Website Resources

We are very proud of our website, and what it has become. Above all it is timely, with fresh content every week, and links to many useful resources… such as

Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search - Find and compare alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), engines, and hybrid/conversion systems.
Laws and Incentives Search - Search incentives and laws related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.
Vehicle Cost Calculator - This tool uses basic information about your driving habits to calculate total cost of ownership and emissions for makes and models of most vehicles, including alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.
AFLEET Tool - Calculate a fleet’s petroleum use, cost of ownership, and emissions.
GREET FLEET Footprint Calculator - Calculate your fleet's petroleum use and emissions footprint.
Alternative Fueling Station Locator - Locate alternative fueling stations and get maps and driving directions.
TransAtlas - Analyze vehicle densities and locations of fueling stations and production facilities.


Port Canaveral welcomes the Q-LNG 4000 to fuel the next generation of cruise ships!

CFLCCC board members Port Canaveral marked a historic milestone with the arrival of Q-LNG 4000, a cutting-edge ship-to-ship articulated tug and bunker barge (ATB), at America’s first LNG Cruise port. The Q-LNG 4000, also known as “Q4K”, was designed and certified to provide safe and reliable ship-to-ship transfers of the cleaner-burning fuel LNG. Q4K arrived and docked at Port Canaveral’s newly built Cruise Terminal 3 and is now ready to provide LNG fuel to cruise vessels. One of the most notable vessels being Carnival Cruise Line’s LNG-powered Mardi Gras, which will homeport at Cape Canaveral at the beginning of this year. Q4K has the capacity to hold 4000 cubic meters of LNG and will carry enough to supply two cruise ships with enough LNG to complete a seven-day itinerary.  

Port Canaveral has worked for four years to bring this project from concept to reality, but they aren’t stopping there. Port Canaveral also plans to eventually extend its fueling operations to trading vessels as well. The completion of America’s first LNG Cruise port with the arrival of Q-LNG 4000 is an exciting step in establishing LNG as the marine fuel source of the future.


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