New Report Provides Insight into Clean Transportation Fleets

Last week, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates released “The State of Sustainable Fleets”, the first comprehensive industry resource to examine sustainable vehicle platforms for medium- and heavy-duty transportation fleets across sectors.

While diesel and gasoline vehicles have long dominated the fleet sectors, the industry is seeing a shift where sustainable vehicle technologies are competing on the metrics most essential to fleet managers. The report features the most prevalent sustainable vehicle technologies, including natural gas, propane, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, and compares these to a baseline of diesel and gas vehicles.

Until now, there has not been a single industry resource that assesses trends, technologies, and fleet insights across sectors. By doing so, this report allows fleet managers to navigate the complex world of clean transportation and decide which technology is best for their unique needs.
Through interviews and surveys, the report gathers data from fleets with real-world experience deploying sustainable vehicle technologies, supplemented by data from equipment manufacturers and infrastructure providers. A detailed analysis of this information revealed four key findings that are common across the industry:

1. Sustainable Fleets are Growing – Sustainable vehicle and fuel use is growing across all categories of medium and heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicles featured in the report.

2. Sustainability a Top Fleet Motivator – Sustainability is the top motivator for purchasing decisions among early-adopter public, private, and for-hire fleets in deploying clean vehicle technologies.

3. Sustainable Technology More Than a Trend – 98% of fleets surveyed that currently use sustainable vehicle technology expect to continue at the same level or increase their use of these fuels and vehicles.

4. Renewable Fuels Can Perform – Fleets confirm there is no material performance loss when switching to most renewable fuels and would use more when it is a cost-neutral, drop-in replacement.

If you are a fleet manager considering clean transportation platforms, be sure to check out this great industry resource! The complete report can be downloaded here.

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