Porsche Plans to Test Synthetic Fuels by 2022

Porsche recently announced that it will be launching electric cars in the coming years, however, because of their history, the German car manufacturer has still been searching for a sustainable alternative that keeps the internal combustion engine from extinction.

Porsche’s Vice President of Motorsport and GT cars, Dr. Frank Walliser, recently stated that “Synthetic fuels will deliver an 85% reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions”. Walliser also stated that a synthetic fuel should be ready for testing by 2022 and could be used in all of Porsche’s current internal combustion engines. BMW and McLaren have also made investments into synthetic fuels and McLaren’s COO, Jens Ludmann, feels confident that “synthetic fuels will be a more practical way of reducing carbon emissions than batteries or hydrogen fuel cells”.

With improvements to synthetic fuels on the horizon and a highly probable gasoline-vehicle ban in California by 2035, it may be possible that synthetic fuels could help eliminate traditional gasoline.

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