Port Canaveral welcomes the Q-LNG 4000 to fuel the next generation of cruise ships!

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CFLCCC board members Port Canaveral marked a historic milestone with the arrival of Q-LNG 4000, a cutting-edge ship-to-ship articulated tug and bunker barge (ATB), at America’s first LNG Cruise port. The Q-LNG 4000, also known as “Q4K”, was designed and certified to provide safe and reliable ship-to-ship transfers of the cleaner-burning fuel LNG. Q4K arrived and docked at Port Canaveral’s newly built Cruise Terminal 3 and is now ready to provide LNG fuel to cruise vessels. One of the most notable vessels being Carnival Cruise Line’s LNG-powered Mardi Gras, which will homeport at Cape Canaveral at the beginning of this year. Q4K has the capacity to hold 4000 cubic meters of LNG and will carry enough to supply two cruise ships with enough LNG to complete a seven-day itinerary.  

Port Canaveral has worked for four years to bring this project from concept to reality, but they aren’t stopping there. Port Canaveral also plans to eventually extend its fueling operations to trading vessels as well. The completion of America’s first LNG Cruise port with the arrival of Q-LNG 4000 is an exciting step in establishing LNG as the marine fuel source of the future.

To learn more see https://www.portcanaveral.com/About/Recent-News/Port-Canaveral-Gets-Underway-as-North-America%E2%80%99s-Fi

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