Volkswagon and BP EV Charging Expansion Plans for Europe

Volkswagen and BP recently announced a partnership to implement DC fast-charging facilities at BP retail sites across the UK, Germany, and other locations in Europe. 

BP also announced its plans to expand its public charging network to over 700,000 charging points worldwide by the end of 2030. BP’s Executive VP for Customers and Products, Emma Delaney, noted that “enabling the rapid expansion of electric vehicles is core to BP’s plans to support our net-zero ambition”. By the end of this year, BP pulse, the largest EV charging network in the UK, plans to unveil as many as 250 ultra-fast chargers.

“Ultra-fast charging is the key enabler for e-mobility and together with strong partners like BP we take this important matter into our hands..” said Volkswagen Board Member, Thomas Schmall. 

Learn more about the Volkswagen/BP partnership here.

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